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Why Us?

Reasons For Choosing Our Quiches

Whether it's the tantalising dance of smoked salmon and broccoli, the heartwarming embrace of our vegetarian quiche, the timeless allure of the Quiche Lorraine, or the coastal serenade of salt fish and spinach – each quiche has its own tale to tell.

As you delve into our offerings, feel the love and care that crafts each layer, the local ingredients that sing in every bite, and our steadfast refusal to compromise by using additives or preservatives. Here, we serve more than just quiches; we serve memories, passion, and a legacy of culinary excellence.

Pure Authenticity: Traditional family recipes
Support Local: Ingredients from local farms
Clean Eating: No additives or preservatives

Fresh Daily: Baked daily for optimum freshness
Taste Adventure: Flavors that surprise and delight
Celebrated Heritage: Decades of culinary legacy


"The quiche was succulent and delicious, not soggy like most quiches out there. It’s worth the purchase and it’s great value for money!"

Charlotte Adewale

Verified Buyer

Definitely Recommend!

“My second time ordering from Quiche Company l decided to go for the salmon and broccoli quiche amazing taste really enjoyed it with a bit of salad l would definitely recommend Quiche company to anyone who is looking for a freshly made quiche reasonable price”


Verified Buyer


“Denise and I have no criticism,Just compliments - The crust was perfect (the right thickness 👍🏾) and the flavours were on point (well balanced). Our only disappointment now is that “It Dun!” 🤣”

Susan P.

Verified Buyer

Because at The Quiche Company

every bite is a promise kept

The Quiche Company isn't just about food; it's about memories, experiences, and a tradition of culinary excellence. Every quiche is a journey into a world where ingredients, craftsmanship, and passion come together to create an unparalleled taste experience.

Over three decades, Chef Windsor Taylor has crafted a culinary masterpiece that appeals to food enthusiasts, families, and corporate
professionals alike. So, step inside, and let the flavours take you on a journey back to your favourite memories around the dining table.